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Winning Youth Lead's #Reaching16 Award supported by UNDP & USAID.

Frustrated by the rising death toll and unjust police brutality in Uganda in 2020, I embarked on writing a series of articles, short plays and blogs to vent and share my thoughts about social justice reforms that shall a(e)ffect the change we have been promised for generations. Uganda, is one of the most wealthiest nations in the world, gifted by nature and abundant resources, yet this same country at the heart of the continent of Africa, is also one of the poorest in the world.

This dilemma remains present, owing to a corrupt government, marginalisation of Uganda's youth populations who make up the world's youngest populations in the world and now, utter violence that has cost us hundreds of lives in less than two years. Aware of the many challenges, and the truth of a dictatorship that reigns with despotic rule, punishes free expression and silences the press, I embarked on projects that create opportunities for young people to express ourselves.

Several of my friends and colleagues are suffering mental health issues, abject poverty from several unemployment rates and irrational fear of political arrest is we dare speak up to the powers that be. Those powers that have deprived us of a future, of growth and development. With this background, I responded to YouthLead's "#Reaching16 Essay Contest” and won, along with 15 other young leaders across the world. The award advocates for peace, justice, and strong institutions with “Reaching 16” referring to Goal 16 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that aims to promote just, peaceful, and inclusive societies.

Please read the Award Winning Blog "Create Advocacy Infrastructure for Youth Protection" on the Youth Lead Website


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