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Kyagulanyi is the “Vision 2040” that Museveni Promised Uganda.

Amid the highly contentious Presidential race in Uganda, citizens endured radical police brutality and Museveni's "shoot to kill" policy, against peaceful protests for democracy. By December 30th 2020, over 50 people were shot and killed by the police, including Saif-llah Ashraf Kasirye, a Radio One Journalist and Ghetto TV Camera man who was shot in the head by armed police militia during a campaign by 38 year old leader of opposition and Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, in Masaka (27th December 2020).

Kyagulanyi, flag bearer of the National Union Platform bolstered confidence among millions of Ugandans who came out by the masses to vote on 14th January 2021, in a vote which was rigged by 76 year old incumbent Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Museveni has been in office since 1986, taking on a 6th five year term this year, having altered the constitution to this accord.

Museveni promised in an article to The Monitor (now Daily Monitor), never to cling to power (at the beginning of the millenium. He is now destined to be the longest serving dictator in African history. Perhaps, another record he wants to break on his list of injustices and abuse of human rights, persecution of opposition candidates and secterian operations in government.

"I want you to know that this is the mission to freedom. Our country has been under siege for 35 years, and it is your vote that shall set us free" Kyagulanyi said amid cheer and applause to supporters at a rally he organized immediately after being released form police custody on Dec 31st 2020. He and and 94 of his media, medical and campaign support team were arrested a day before on Kalangala Island. Over 100 are still in prison, many being charged under martial law with false charges of bearing guns and weapons. "We are here lawfully, authorized by the constitution, even though the police has been deployed to break that very law" he encouraged them even as police forced their way into the crowd.

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