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The Assistant Director Brenda Tendo on our production set of KEYCARD in Kampala, Uganda. (
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SEBAMALA ARTS is a digital and performing Arts nonprofit which develops equality, advocacy and empowerment programming for marginalized and underrepresented communities. We produce creative works for women, youth and people of color, through research, social change film & television, critical theatre productions and social justice documentaries. The organization was founded to empower communities and support artists with creative relief and artistic training during the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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ADVOCACY & training

We develop, create, produce and direct advocacy, equality and empowerment programing for women, youth and underrepresented communities. 


film production

Produce high quality social change films, social justice documentaries and anthologies with positive and empowering images from Uganda and Africa. 



Working with African Artists living in the global black diaspora, we produce content that challenges negative stereotypes and narratives about Africa through art, music, fashion & Afro-futurism.

The Director, Babangida Ibrahim gives instructions to Mushema Housen ahead of shooting a s


Through the transformational power of theatre, we organize communities to address development issues, challenge stigma, racism, gender inequalities and socioeconomic injustices. 

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